"Modern facelift is not just surgery; it is a concept! A philosophy including surgery, handcrafting, arts and empathy!"

"It doesn´t start with the first cut and doesn´t end with the last stitch! Concomitant strategies are part of the concept as well."

Dr. Thomas Rappl is a board-certified plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgeon, based in Austria and France


After his certification as a plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgeon he spent some time in Brazil and Italy. He received his final aesthetic surgical touch up, spending one year in Paris 2008.

Dr. Thomas Rappl

Dr. Thomas Rappl is international renowned key opinion leader in the field of aesthetic surgery and aesthetic medicine. Having received multiple international awards in aesthetic surgery he is now worldwide invited educator, congress speaker and operating surgeon.

His focus lies in modern aesthetic surgery like facelifting procedures, minimal invasive facelift, neck lift, eyelid surgery, breast surgery, breast augmentation, breast lifting, breast reduction, lipofilling, thread lifting, as well as minimal invasive aesthetic procedures like filler and botox / botulinum toxin treatments.

The modern facelifting concept:

Before surgery: perfect evaluation of the surgical needs (thread lifting, minimal invasive, short scar lifting, deep plane lifting, high SMAS lifting, neck lifting), including preoperative evaluation of the nutritional status followed by tailored nutritional supplements to achieve a perfect pre -and postoperative biologic situation to achieve a short recovery period with a long-lasting result.

After surgery

We will support the healing process with infusion therapy, vitamins, micronutrients, nutritional supplements and diet programs to promote good aesthetic outcomes. Scientific research has supported the use of nutritional supplements to speed and aid in postoperative healing.